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Point of Sales Systems

Complete Network Care provides a one-stop shop for complete Point of Sale solutions. We provide a focused range of innovative products and services that help you take control of your business by improving your profitability, accuracy, and maximizing the efficiency of your employees. We also understand that in order for you to receive an excellent return on your technology investment, more is required than just technology. That’s why we stand by our clients from the initial planning stages, installation, training and ongoing support.

Resturant Point of Sale

The restaurant industry, has a different emphasis than the standard retail industry. Creating an optimal dining experience is crucial for success. Some of the considerations in a particular application are:

Large user interface touch screen and menu navigation/design for fast easy ordering by wait staff.

Order printing or display: In the correct preparation area (hot items may go to one kitchen sections while cold items to another) this keeps wait staff out of the food preparation areas, thus facilitating faster food preparation, better customer service, better customer experience, more profits!

Correct Communication of a guest’s special requests through fast effective use of “Modifier Items” (No Dressing, Dressing-on-the-Side, Light Dressing etc., all selected from on-screen touch buttons or even a free form on-screen touch keyboard for precise communication.

Tracking of which guest ordered what to more efficiently serve guests and present a more organized atmosphere. – Add new items to a bill as often as needed and they are printed/communicated to the food or beverage preparers.

Retail Point of Sale

Larger retail operations and companies with multiple locations often require a more sophisticated solution, and we have the capabilities to provide a solution that is right for every situation. Generally Managing multiple stores through our POS solutions allows you to manage your stores quickly, easily and efficiently. The application will gather sales data, customer and employee information, inventory stock levels and allow your stores to share inventory and customer information.

Reporting – Run any report for one store or all stores combined. View the sales of any store. Determine which stores are profitable and pinpoint those which are not meeting expectations. View the stock levels of any of your stores. Determine which stores need restocking. Print customer statements from a central location. Generate payroll figures from the corporate office.

Inventory Control – Generate one purchase order to ship to multiple stores. Reordering made easy – no more poring over long lists figuring out which store needs what. With the push of one button, place all orders to replenish all your stores. Transfer inventory between stores. Add new items from the corporate office. Control prices.

Functionality – Fully automated store operators do nothing. Data transfers done via e-mail eliminates the long distance charges and busy signals that often accompany polling. All information is transferred in an encrypted format so no outsiders can see your data. Customer bonus points shared throughout each store, allowing them to purchase items at any store and still achieve their bonus.

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